Students for Educational Equity in Private Schools Info Session

Did you know that in New York State today, tens of thousands of children are being denied a basic education?
In 2020, the average Hasidic boy receives only 90 minutes of secular instruction a day, and only four days a week. Once he turns 13, he will receive zero instruction in secular subjects ever again. This is happening every day to students your age living just a subway ride away.

Stories from Yeshiva – Purim Edition

Please join us for an informative (and humorous!) panel as part of our UnEducated series. While reflecting on the lack of secular education they received, panelists will share comedic stories and anecdotes from their Hasidic yeshiva days.

Yaffed Reddit AMA – r/Judaism

Yaffed's executive director will do an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Monday March 8th, starting at 11:30am. Please join him here:

B’nai Jeshurun – Secular Education in New York’s Hasidic and Ultra-Orthodox Yeshivas

Tens of thousands of Jewish children attending ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic yeshivas are currently being denied a basic education. This fact was confirmed by the findings in New York City Department of Education’s 2019 report on their yeshiva investigation, which was routinely stalled due to politics. Appallingly, this well-documented form of educational neglect continues; the issue remains …

B’nai Jeshurun – Secular Education in New York’s Hasidic and Ultra-Orthodox Yeshivas Read More »

Rally in Support of Education Standards in Yeshivas!

Tweed Courthouse Steps 52 Chambers Street, New York, NY

Come out to (socially distanced, but in-person) call on the city to show us what they have done in the 6 years since the investigation was started to improve things for the tens of thousands of children who are attending those Yeshivas and are being denied a basic education every day.

Exclusive Screening: An UnOrthodox Education

Join Yaffed for an exclusive virtual film screening of An Unorthodox Education to commemorate the six year anniversary of the 2015 complaint letter sent by yeshiva graduates and parents to NYC’s DOE and to mark another year of the City’s continued inaction. Directed by Joe Kolman, this independent documentary-in-progress exposes a shocking truth-- tens of …

Exclusive Screening: An UnOrthodox Education Read More »

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