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Yaffed employs a two-pronged approach. We believe it is the government’s responsibility to enforce the law and ensure every child receives the education to which they are entitled. However, we also believe that it is important to build grassroots and community-based support for change. This is why we launched our Rabbinical Council in August 2019 and continue to reach out to all Jewish communities in New York.



Raising awareness about education equality issues that matter to everyone.


Grassroots and community-based advocacy to support change.
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Acting to enforce laws ensuring every child receives the education they deserve.


Yaffed is founded by Naftuli Moster and graduates of Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox yeshivas. They begin meeting with state and local education officials to inform them about the issue and their responsibilities under the “substantial equivalency” law.

Yaffed sends out first newsletter and begins receiving coverage in Jewish community press.

Yaffed launches its first billboard campaign.

Naftuli Moster and Yaffed are profiled by the New York Times, bringing national attention to education in yeshivas.

Ami Magazine, an ultra-Orthodox publication, publishes an advertisement from Yaffed, sparking backlash from yeshiva leaders.

Yaffed sends to the Department of Education a letter signed by 52 yeshiva graduates and parents alleging educational neglect in 39 yeshivas in New York City. The following day, the city announces it will launch an investigation.

For the first time, Yaffed appears before the Panel for Education Policy (PEP) and addresses concerns directly to the NYC Schools’ Chancellor.

 Yaffed releases a report, the first of its kind, detailing the scope and seriousness of the problem.

New York State Education Department releases guidelines for enforcing substantial equivalency.

Yaffed hires its fourth full-time staff member, reaching the highest capacity in its history.

In response to a technical decision by a state court to strike down the guidelines, the State Education Department proposes regulations to begin enforcing substantial equivalency.

Yaffed hosts its first dinner event, honoring State Senator Robert Jackson, Anita Altman, Eric Huang, and Sandy Weichman. The next day, the New York City Department of Education finally released the results of investigation, confirming that the vast majority of the Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox yeshivas they visited were not providing


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