Yaffed’s Founding Executive Director, Naftuli Moster, to Step Down in Fall

Statement from Yaffed’s Board of Directors


After over 10 years leading Yaffed, Naftuli Moster, its founder and executive director, has informed the Board he intends to step down at the end of September 2022. The Board is sad to bid farewell to Mr. Moster and supports his decision. The Board is committed to continuing Yaffed’s mission until such time as secular education is routinely offered within all Hasidic and Haredi schools.

Ten years ago, Mr. Moster founded Yaffed with the goal of ensuring that ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic Yeshivas comply with Section 3204 of the NYS Education Law, which safeguards the right of non-public school students to receive an education that is “at least substantially equivalent” to that which is offered in local public schools.

This mission was made necessary by the woefully inadequate secular education provided by a large number of Hasidic and Haredi schools in New York State, affecting tens of thousands of students. A product of these very schools, it was Mr. Moster’s personal struggle to procure an education for himself that inspired him to found Yaffed in 2012.

Under Mr. Moster’s tireless leadership, Yaffed became a formidable entity and respected participant in Jewish communal conversations. A thought-leader and community organizer, Mr. Moster gained the respect of colleagues, Jewish communal leaders, policy makers and elected officials.

With the completion of the public comment period on May 31st for the new draft regulations proposed by the New York State Education Department, likely to be adopted by the Board of Regents in the Fall, Yaffed has achieved a milestone that is a decade in the making.

Mr. Moster has also secured a $1M pledge for a gift to be paid out over the next 5 years in addition to commitments from other donors to continue their support of Yaffed’s critical work. These funds ensure that the organization will be on secure financial ground following his departure. The Board will be undertaking a search for a new Executive Director.

Thus, the first chapter of Yaffed comes to an end and a new one begins. We know you join us in extending our deepest gratitude to Naftuli Moster for his superb leadership of Yaffed and the best of good luck on his future endeavors.


Yaffed Board of Directors:
Anita Altman, President
Eric Huang
Alex Kerdman
Shlomo Noskow
Emily Pinkesz
Barbra Rothschild
Malkie Schwartz
Phylisa Wisdom

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