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Take action on behalf of the 65,000 children being denied an education

We can’t wait any longer. And Hasidic school children, the victims of educational neglect, certainly can’t wait any longer.

Take action today! We demand that change be made before a 7th school year begins. 

The Problem:

In New York City, tens of thousands of children attending ultra-Orthodox yeshivas are being denied a basic education. This means they are not learning English, Math, Science, or Social Studies.

New York State Education law § 3204 requires all non-public schools to provide their pupils with instruction that is “at least substantially equivalent” to what is being provided in public schools.

In July 2015, fifty two Yeshiva graduates and parents filed a complaint that listed 39 Yeshivas in New York City that are not meeting substantial equivalency.

It’s been six years now with no action even though the NYC DOE finally acknowledged that 26 out of the 28 Yeshivas they investigated did not meet substantial equivalency.

The DOE promised to remedy the problem but hasn’t, and another school year has just begun. If the New York City Mayor and Chancellor don’t take action, tens of thousands of students will be denied their right to an education for yet another school year.

At the State level, the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) is poised to introduce new regulations to guide local authorities in their oversight of private schools. At a Spring 2021 meeting of The Board of Regents, a timeline was published for the department’s regulatory rulemaking process. We must hold the NYSED to this timeline and ensure that their regulations are an effective enforcement mechanism.

Sign Now

Dear Governor Hochul, Commissioner Rosa, Regents Chancellor Young, and members of the Board of Regents,

For years, it has been alleged by Yeshiva graduates and parents that the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic schools they or their children attended were not providing a basic education as required by law.

According to the complaints, even English and math are not taught in many of these Yeshivas; let alone science and social studies.

This is no longer an allegation. In December 2015, New York City's Department of Education confirmed the allegations when they found that 26 of the 28 Yeshivas they investigated did not meet minimum standards of instruction.

These represent just a small sample of the actual number of Yeshivas that fail to provide basic instruction to their students.

A new school year has just begun, and we must not let this year go by with another batch of tens of thousands of students being denied an education.
Enforce Substantial Equivalency today!

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