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Yaffed is fighting every day to ensure that future generations of Haredi children receive the robust secular education to which they are entitled by law. We do however, recognize that graduates of the system and current students will not have this opportunity. To that end, Yaffed has several services in place to assist those seeking to broaden their educational horizons and achieve those goals for which they left yeshiva unprepared.   

The Education Support Program

Often Yaffed is the first point of contact for those seeking to enhance their secular education. 

We offer referrals to appropriate schools, resources and programs that will assist individuals in achieving their goals. 

Yaffed has published a College Resource Guide on its website and offers access to many more materials tailored to the individual needs of the student. 

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Yaffed was able to take advantage of the shut down of yeshivas and offered online courses with our partner, Bonim B’Yachad to give students the opportunity to study science and English.  While the early opening of the yeshivas made scheduling such programs impossible going forward, Yaffed continues to look for ways to implement this or similar programs to engage students in secular studies. 

Parents often approach Yaffed seeking a listening ear and concrete advice on how to approach their yeshivas with regard to secular education. Yaffed provides a listening ear and the benefit of our years of expertise on this issue. 

Our staff spends countless hours learning about the various opportunities that exist outside the Yeshiva walls to fill in the gaps left by Haredi Yeshivas that fail to fulfill their obligations to their students.

Opportunities include tutoring programs, library classes, GED prep, and Yeshivas that provide a more robust secular education.

The Scholarship Program

About The Scholarship

Obtaining a secular education is never easy, especially for a population that requires so much remediation to achieve what is baseline proficiency for most New York students. 

Yaffed recognizes the financial hardships associated with this and has developed a scholarship program to assist parents and students in achieving this goal.

What The Program Accomplishes

Develop future leaders from a population that to date has had limited leadership development opportunities.

Provide financial assistance to yeshiva graduates for tutoring towards the goal of passing the GED exam. (one time allocation)

Supplement the financial aid packages of yeshiva graduates pursuing a college education. (multi-year grant)

Financially support the efforts of parents of current yeshiva students in enhancing their secular education. This can be broken down into two categories:

1. Day school tuition grants for those switching their kids out from non-compliant to compliant schools (multi-year)

2. supplemental tutoring grants. (multi-year)

Learn more and apply to the scholarship:

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