Announcing: Yom Habechira – Day of Choice

Yaffed is excited to partner with our allies for the first ever international Day of Choice – Yom HaBechira in Hebrew – on October 27th.

What is Yom HaBechira? Translated from Hebrew, Yom HaBechira means the Day of Choice. Our allies in Israel, Yotzim Leshinuy, have taken the lead in formally inaugurating this important day, which represents so much to the various groups who are advocating within and out of the ultra-Orthodox community. Yom HaBechira is set to be celebrated annually on October 27th.

Why is this day important? If you flip through your calendar, you will find many days that are marked to rally communities and their allies around a specific issue or cause. For instance, you may have heard of Earth Day and Pride Day. Yom HaBechira seeks to raise awareness about the lack of choice in many Haredi communities around the world, empower individuals to make choices that aren’t easy – including choices that are opposed by Haredi leaders, and celebrates those who have made such choices.

So why is Yaffed involved? “Choice” is an integral part of Yaffed’s work. Yaffed’s primary mission of enacting a substantially equivalent education in Haredi yeshivas is so that those within the community can live prosperous, dignified, and self-sufficient lives, yet we do appreciate and recognize the freedom an education affords to those who choose to leave.

Moreover, we advocate for ultra-Orthodox parents to be able to have more choices in the education of their children. As it stands, there is an expectation that parents of any specific Hasidic sect send their children to the Yeshivas of that sect. This leaves parents unable to make the choice of sending their children to Yeshivas that provide a more well-rounded education, like those in Litvish or modern-Orthodox communities. We seek to empower parents to make choices for the educational betterment of their children.

How will Yaffed be celebrating the day? As this year is the pilot of Yom HaBechira, our celebration will be primarily taking place through social media campaigns and awareness-raising. In future years, we plan on hosting panel events and informational sessions, as well as engaging in meaningful collaborations with our allies.

Can I get involved? Yes! We have created a special Yom HaBechira Facebook profile picture frame that we can all use to foster a sense of togetherness around this celebratory day. If you would like to add the frame (see below) to your profile, email a photo of yourself, and we will send you your very own frame! We would also like to encourage you to use the designated “#day_of_choice” hashtag, and share the importance and necessity of this day with your friends and family. If Yom HaBechira is a celebration of your personal journey, please email so we can feature your story across our channels.

We look forward to marking this day together with you.

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