Fighting For The Education

Of Haredi Children

What Is Yaffed?

Yaffed is a nonprofit organization founded by individuals raised within Hasidic and Haredi communities, and is committed to improving secular education in Hasidic and Haredi schools.

Since 2012, Yaffed has been the sole organization advocating for the educational rights of ultra-Orthodox children in New York. Without an education, yeshiva graduates are severely limited in work options and often are forced to rely on government aid to support themselves and their large families.

We believe that all children deserve an education that provides them with opportunity and choice. For almost a decade, we’ve been leading grassroots efforts towards educational reform in both the legislative front and the community. 

With your help, we can ensure that all children get the education that they are entitled to by law.

Why We Exist

For over a decade, Yaffed has been giving disenfranchised Hasidic people a voice and path towards the education entitled to them by law.

Hasidic families live in tight-knit communities with strong rabbinic leadership. Despite the fact that virtually no secular education is offered in Hasidic schools, public school is simply not an option due to the strong religious and social constraints of the community. Those who dissent from communal leaders face the risk of losing their livelihood, having their children expelled from school, and being completely ostracized from the community.

Because it feels too dangerous for them to speak out, Hasidic families rely on elected officials to protect their children’s rights to education… elected officials who have failed them time and time again. 

Not knowing where else to turn, many Hasidic families come to Yaffed in secret for assistance. Yaffed has provided a supportive home for these families by initiating community outreach programs, facilitating English, science, and coding classes, and fighting numerous court battles to advocate for the education of Hasidic children.

Yaffed will continue to exist until every Hasidic child gets the education they deserve.

What We Do


Raising awareness about education equality issues that matter to everyone.


Grassroots and community-based advocacy to support change.


Acting to enforce laws ensuring every child receives the education they deserve.

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