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Yiddish Is Not Enough

A Yeshiva Graduate Fights for Secular Studies in Hasidic Education


Naftuli Moster is calling attention to shortcomings in secular education at Hasidic Jews’ schools in New York.

Schoolboys in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Borough Park, Brooklyn.
Bryan Thomas for The New York Times


Welcome to YAFFED


Young Advocates For Fair EDucation.

YAFFED is an organization committed to improving general education curricula within ultra-Orthodox schools because we fervently believe that every child is entitled to a fair and equitable education. Navigate this website to learn more about us, about the present situation in many of these schools, and to participate in this worthy initiative.

Our Mission

YAFFED is an advocacy group committed to improving educational curricula within ultra-Orthodox schools. Our work involves raising awareness about the importance of general studies education, and encouraging the leadership of the ultra-Orthodox world to act responsibly in preparing their youth for economic sufficiency and for broad access to the resources of the modern world.

We encourage compliance with relevant state guidelines for education while maintaining respect for the primacy of Judaic studies and the unique cultural and religious values of the ultra-Orthodox community. Our mission is to ensure that all students receive the critical tools and skillsets needed for long-term personal growth and self-sufficient futures.